2023 BSA/AML Lender Training


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All financial institutions are required to provide BSA/AML training tailored to each department’s job functions. AML-ology has created a BSA/AML training that enables you to give your lenders an overview of the basics of BSA and understand their role in preventing money laundering and terrorist financing within your institution. 

Since all the departments of financial institutions need the same basic material, the slides are similar in nature with a specific focus for Lenders. However, in the recorded/live presentation, our trainer will tailor the entire slide deck to the Lenders’ responsibilities as compared to the Front-Line or Back Office.  

What is Included? 

Note: Divider Slides are not included in the slide count. 

Focus of BSA 

  • FinCEN Priorities –10 Slides
  • Overall Expectations – 3 Slides
  • Fraud vs. Money Laundering – 3 Slides
  • How Much Money is Laundered Each Year? – 1 Slide 


ML Via the Real Estate Sector – 6 Slides 

  • Why U.S. Real Estate is a Kleptocrat’s Dream – 3 Slides
  • FATF Guidance for a Risk-Based Approach for the Real Estate Sector – 3 Slides 


Other Areas of Concern – 14 Slides 

  • Identity Theft/Synthetic ID Theft – 3 Slides
  • Deepfakes & Tech Ecosystem – 3 Slides
  • Beneficial Ownership – 6 Slides
  • Source of Funds – 1 Slide
  • Sanction Risk – 1 Slide


What Do You Need to Know and Do? – 3 Slides 

  • FinCEN’s & BIS’s Joint Advisory – 2 Slides
  • Importance of Communication – 1 Slide 


Conclusion – 5 Slides 

  • Questions – 1 Slide
  • Company Overview – 3 Slides
  • Speaker Contact Information – 1 Slide

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PPT Slide Deck Only – $99, PPT Slide Deck with 5 Customizable Slides and Live/Recorded Presentation – $349


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