What is AML-ology?

AML-ology is the study of AML trends, challenges, and solutions for banks and non-bank financial institutions alike. We believe that the success of an AML program depends on communication, and more importantly communication among the AML community. In today's information age, it's crucial to understand how other professionals and institutions are handling their day-to-day challenges, and how it might be helpful or translatable to other organizations.

AML-ology achieves this discussion through the curriculum we publish monthly, survey reports conducted quarterly, virtual classes (AKA webinars) on a variety of subjects, networking and learning events, and more!

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The Curriculum

  • Pattern recognition representing robotic automation processing Robotic Process Automation in AML December 12, 2017 - The pervasiveness of buzzwords and conversation about new technologies in the banking and financial services industries can be overwhelming and seem daunting. Especially when people, like myself as a technologist, talk about them as if they’re going to change the … Read More
  • Risk Mitigation Practices for Foreign Correspondent Accounts and Foreign Financial Institutions November 17, 2017 - As a follow up to last month’s article “How Correspondent Banking Became a Nightmare for Foreign Banks”, and given the recent hefty penalties imposed on Habib Bank in New York, we thought it would be valuable to provide guidelines and … Read More
  • How Correspondent Banking Became A Nightmare For Foreign Banks October 3, 2017 - In recent years, Arab banks, specifically, have suffered unique pressure from global banks to limit their access to correspondent banking relationships. The reasons are primarily a result of its susceptibility to money laundering and terrorist financing. What’s more, banking regulators … Read More

Upcoming Classes

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