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Our AML Toolbox is created to support financial institutions in their fight against financial crimes. Over time, AML-ology will continue to add to this toolbox, but we welcome any feedback or suggestions so be sure to let us know what you think and what more you could use!
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Keywords for SAR NarrativesDo you want to make your SAR narratives more valuable to Law Enforcement? Law Enforcement searches narratives for these key terms, so be sure to use them when writing your narratives.Please log in or register at any membership level to download.
AML Keyword List - BasicMany institutions search their transactions against a “Key Word List” to enable them to detect suspicious activity. This list covers a variety of transaction types such as human trafficking, Internet Gambling, MSBs, virtual currency and a host of other areas. You can choose the key words from this list you want to input into your system to identify areas of risk concern for your institution.Mentor Only
Lessons From Law Enforcement Panel Discussion - HandoutsIncludes "2021 SBA COVID-19 Economic Relief Overview PPT", "PPP Updates 3.4.21", & "PPP FAQs 3.12.21"Mentor Only