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AML-ology is dedicated to providing thought leadership that discusses the solutions to an AML challenge and keeping members up to date on industry challenges and changes. Our curriculum allows members to understand how other AML professionals and financial institutions handle risk and compliance challenges; and through our solution focused articles, provides members the knowledge when solving issues in their own organizations.

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Topics Authors may submit topics, abstracts or completed articles for review. (AML-ology prefers a completed, first draft of an article upon submission; however, we will consider abstract ideas.) All articles should thoroughly cover a topic and provide introduction, methodology, iterations, and a conclusion. Topics should be timely and relevant.

Length Our ideal length for an article is roughly 1,500 words; however, they can be longer. If they are more than roughly 3,000 words, we may suggest breaking it up into two or more parts. We will not publish an article with less than roughly 650 words.

Format All references should be submitted in APA format in a reference list at the end of the article and cited in-text. Please support all facts with references; this provides an additional benefit to members by allowing them to directly access the source for more information. Ideal references are regulations specifically related to anti-money laundering, along with other reputable sources. There is no minimum or limit on the number of references used. Opinions may be stated but should be saved for conclusion statements/paragraph.

For consistency, the basic format of the of the article should be:

    • Introductiontopic/issue/challenge
    • Body  

 Methodology – how to address/improve/correct
– Comparison – topic or comparing multiple solutions, if applicable
– Iterations – if there are variations to improve/correct the topic/issue/challenge 

    • Conclusionauthor’s personal thoughts

Biography – Please provide a short biography, no more than 300 words, and a professional-looking picture when submitting your article.

Please provide any graphs you can to support your article, if applicable. If you have suggested visuals that may be best suited in a graphic, feel free to share your ideas, and we’ll do our best to create those.


  • -Submissions may not promote a product or service.
  • -Articles will be stored in its entirety on our website, under curriculum, indefinitely and possibly for re-publication via our monthly newsletter at a later date.
  • -Your name will be shown as the author on our website or any future publication, along with a link to your LinkedIn profile, if applicable.


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