ACAMS Credits Policy Change

ACAMS has updated their accreditation policy regarding CAMS/ACAMS Credits. Effective July 1, 2022, ACAMS will only have “ACAMS credits” or “non-ACAMS credits.” Both will be recognized by ACAMS during the certification process. All third-party events, such as those AML-ology offers, will be eligible for “non-ACAMS credits.” As you received before, upon attendance and participation in each of our events, you will receive a certificate to submit to ACAMS to demonstrate your ongoing commitment to AML training. To learn more about the difference between ACAMS Credits vs. Non-ACAMS Credits, please review the Non-ACAMS Credits Policies and Eligibility Criteria at

Any events which AML-ology had received prior approval for “CAMS Credits” will still be eligible for “CAMS Credits.”