How Secure is Your AML System?

Inherently, as a financial institution doing¬†business every day, you capture sensitive data about your customers. That sensitive data includes customer, account, and transaction data, and is housed in your Anti-Money Laundering (AML) system, if not other places as well. Your accounting system is likely well protected from insider fraud and internet attacks, but your AML […]

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About Josh Lewis

Josh Lewis has over 9 years of technical and business analyst experience and has been consulting since 2014. For over 2 years his focus has been primarily on testing, technology, and AML compliance, participating in dozens of AML compliance projects including upgrades and remediation for AML monitoring, sanctioned party filtering, and KYC processing. Josh Lewis provided technical and subject matter expertise on widely varied projects, supporting multiple vendor products with a focus on the PCS software suite.Follow Josh on LinkedIn: