BSA Deep Dive – August 2023


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Much is happening in the realm of BSA these days. The FFIEC is issuing updated guidance with a ML/TF risk focus and FinCEN is focusing on the implementation of the 2020 AMLA (Corporate Transparency Act). Every month we do a session on the latest news in the industry on Payments, Fraud, Cyber, OFAC, Regulator issuances, cannabis, human trafficking, crypto, and a host of other topics. That session is a quick overview of all the news for the month.

This BSA Deep Dive will take some of those key news items from each month and delve into them in depth to further enable BSA and risk personnel with practical help in applying that information within their own institution. It will also cover any new information tied to the AMLA Act of 2020 as released. The more detailed topics of each session will be announced within the preceding weeks.

Our Host:

Nancy Lake has over 16 years of experience in the BSA/AML world and was CAMS certified in 2008. Nancy received her CAMS-Audit certification in 2013 and her CAMS-FCI certification in 2015. She has conducted bank wide BSA/AML training, including Board of Director training. Along with conducting monthly online training, Nancy speaks at numerous conferences through the year in the U.S., and even overseas. For six years, she was an instructor at the PA Bankers School of Banking, and for 7 ½ years Nancy served as Director of Compliance Anchor, the training and consulting division of Atlantic Community Bankers Bank. Nancy has utilized her BSA experience as an educator to assistance to financial institutions in the areas of training, risk management, and the development of sound internal programs and best practices for the past 16 years. She has previously served as BSA Officer in multiple community banks where she successfully created and implemented the entire BSA program, including one bank with numerous international MSBs. Nancy has experience working with and implementing several automated BSA/AML transaction monitoring systems. In September 2020, Nancy joined ARC Risk and Compliance as their Director of Training.

Recorded on Wed, Aug 9, 2023 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM ET


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