Snow Washing: What You Need to Know

What is snow washing?  Hint: it has nothing to do with the Ivory Snow Detergent washing powder. Wikipedia tells us that Snow washing refers to hiding illegitimate financial transactions often for purposes of tax evasion in Canada. The term being an amalgam of the words snow meaning purity as well as the cold Canadian climate and washing referring to money […]

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About John Reynolds, M.B.A

John Reynolds is a former Bank regulator, having retired from the NY Fed as an Examining Officer in the Financial Institution Supervision Group. John started out his career as an Assistant Bank Examiner in 1979 working up through the ranks and has been involved in all facets of bank examination work at international, large complex institutions, regional, and community institutions. Since 2009, he has played a leadership role in the NY Fed’s Compliance examination work, where he guided teams of examiners reviewing institutions’ compliance with AML-BSA and OFAC regulations and laws.

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